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Activate/deactivate your Wipolo notifications in your iPhone

Do you want to receive notifications indicating what is your boarding gate or your train track? Here is how you can activate this feature:

1/In your Wipolo iPhone app

-> Go to your profile section by clicking on the icon in the top left corner

-> Click on the settings icon on the right top corner and scroll down to the “push notifications settings” section

-> Turn on the notifications you want receive

And « voilà »! If you still don’t receive your notification from Wipolo, it’s probably beacuse you deactivated them in your iPhone settings too. Here is how you can reactivate them:


2- In your iPhone

-> Go to your iPhone General Settings

-> Click on « settings » as below

-> Choose « Wipolo » in the applications list

-> Select how you want your notifications be displayed on your iPhone : « Ban » or « Alerts »

That’s all!

If you encounter any issue with your notifications, don’t hesitate on contacting us: drop us an email at support[at]