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I don’t find the city where I’ll travel to in adding a trip on Wipolo

If you add a trip or a travel plan manually on Wipolo and the city where you’ll travel to isn’t suggested by the autocomplete tool:

-try to enter the name with other spellings (especially if it’s not located in a french or english speaking countries)

Or :

-write us at, maybe our data base doesn’t contain your city, and we’ll add it with a great pleasure!

Your comments

  1. Vladimir - 4 décembre 2015 22:06

    Hello! Could you add the city Parnu ( in estonian language Pärnu ) Estonia. Thank you

    • coralie - 7 décembre 2015 12:08

      Hi Vladimir! It’s fixed! You should be able to add Pärnu from now on. Sorry for the inconvenience.