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Find and add friends

You wish to  find and add new friends to your contact list and to share with them your Wipolo stats ?


1) Using our website (at go under « Friends »

Click on « Add a friend » and choose one of the following options :

◆ Search by name (for already existing Wipolo users)

◆ Invite by email (for anybody else)

◆ Invite my Facebook friends who don’t use Wipolo*

*Requires to log into your Facebook account by going into the « Edit Profile » section of your home page and by clicking on « Linked Accounts. »


2) Using the Wipolo App of your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7) go under « Network »

Click on « Friends » and then on « Add contacts »

There you will be able to find a friend who is already on Wipolo, or one who isn’t yet (by sending a mail invitation).